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a commissioner released him on his own recognizance. >> that endangers himself and endangers the public. why is the commissioner allowing him to walk and he is free to do it again. >> dryer is facing sentencing for operating a boat under the influence. in connection with a collision with another vessel last summer. several people will hurt including children and dryer. entered a he treatment programs. >> the fact i have been honest and forthright not only admitting i was drinking but the treatment i have put myself in. >> a friend said she is disappointed. apparently he has not learned anything. >> i went over to his house. as a friend, as a neighbor. i have known him for 15 years. and i will keep it real. i observed him sitting in a chair drinking again. he does not get it. >> some of his neighbors and
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legislative colleagues are calling for his resignation. >> he should resign. model? >> ronrole george's calling for the rest of asian. the gop caucus is urging him to seek treatment. future he says will be decided by his own conscience. inan arrest has been made the stabbing death of a teenage boy killed during a fight after the ravens super bowl victory parade. nazir williams is being charged as adult. >> >> a man opened fire on for people, killing two of them including a woman who was holding her baby.
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jayne miller is live at city police headquarters with more. a suspect has been named in this case, he lives around the corner from the victims. he busted through a window of their home this morning and started firing. neighbors say he was trying to rosect a $10 debt. the sun on a stand community. at 6hat crime could occur a.m. make in carrigan was killed. the housewomen in were shot and wounded. police responded for a call for disturbance. they caught the suspect at the scene coming out a window. police tried to assure the community. >> this is not an individual
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who randomly pick a residence. this was a targeted event. this house was not picked at random. >> melville mason was around the corner from the big m's and he is known for his collection of cars. victims.he he is known for his collection of cars. >> they were getting the two go out for their day. wrecks are they involve anything that might draw this? >> police promised to step it up. this comes on the heels of a very violent weekend. >> we will increase our patrol and hour enforcement. all three deputy chiefs and their lieutenant colonel's the commanding officers in the field. >> neighbors say they could hear
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for theirs pleading lives and the suspect declared, "i am your worst nightmare" before opening fire multiple times. people were shot in catonsville over the past two days. police are asking for your help as they try to find suspects. live.simms is that is where the man was shot late last night. >> this is where -- this happened around 10 p.m. monday night. neighbors tell us they witnessed the victim run down the street as he tried to get to a house to get some help. startled, cynthia brown was not sure what was happening. >> we were sitting in the living room last night and we heard shots. was -- ran past year.
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rex the initial investigation hasn't dated the suspect and the victim were in some sort of altercation when they were in the 100 block of winters lane. weaponpect produced a and began firing at the him striking him at least once. he fled the scene. >> the victim was hit in the upper body. investigators say his injury is not considered i threatening. police are investigating the weekend shootings of two men in the 5300 block of edmonton avenue. both were standing in front of this gas station when another man opened fire and ran from the area. the injuries were not life- threatening and they have no indication the incidents are connected. >> i was shocked. >> there worried. they moved into the neighborhood to be closer to her son's school
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. >> i do not want him to see anything like that happen ever. he is only five. it is kind of scary. >> a little worried. not much i can do. randall is a minister and also concerned about the area. >> i have seen this neighborhood go through a lot of changes. back part of the problem in my era coming up in this neighborhood. become allowed me to part of the solution. >> minister says he is trying to develop some programs for area young people. police think the shootings are isolated incidents. made a gettings a raise but the cost, a longer workweek. part of an apparent new compromise between the fire
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>>on and the mayor's office. the voting began early this morning and we have seen a steady stream of firefighters going into the union hall to vote. the city and union higher-ups reached a tentative deal on august 8. if approved, firefighters will work more but they will also be paid more. between city firefighters and city hall started heating up this year. the mayor introduced her plan to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the budget saying changes would have to be made within the fire department. this was after the unions rejected a proposal similar to highers agreed upon by ups this month. according to the tentative agreement the city and fire unions, the three-year contract
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would protect all employees from termination and layoff due to new schedules. the work week would be extended to 47.5 hours and wages would be increased 16.5%. breakdown,he pay retroactive from july 1, all employees would get a two percent raise. in january of 2014, and exchange for the new schedules. employees get a 10.5% raise as well as four percent for all bargaining unit members. >> this is another 12 hours a week. it would be something that they would see is a positive and long-term benefit. >> the chair of the city labor committee said the contract is fair for the city and firefighters. he said while it will drastically cut down on overtime, saving the city more than $70 million over a decade him a wages are increasing at a
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very high rate. firefighters will be required to work 24 hour shifts and will vote either for a houston schedule of 24 hours on, 24 off, 24 on again in five days off in a row or an impact day schedule working a 24-hour day every 32nd day of the year. union president declined comment earlier saying he would speak to the media after the voting was completed. also warren branch did not return our phone calls when we asked questions about this issue. the voting should be wrapped up within the next hour and a half with results following shortly after. >> we have an up eight on that deputy involved shooting. say seth boeckman went on a violent rampage inside
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several businesses saturday night. the office said after breaking into a snowball stand and charging at the duty, boeckman was shot. he died of his injuries the next day. deputy feeney is a two-year member of the harford county sheriff's office. he is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. >> president obama promised safer schools. >> next, how othmar city schools are part of that promise. x a painful loss for the orioles. how resilient can they be is to mark -- can they be? >> we will check out the seven-day forecast. right now, some hazy
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>> a terrifying day for students , staff, and parents. students the teachers and police raced out of the school indicator after authorities say shots were fired. police say a 19-year-old man who entered with an assault rifle was able to get into the school by falling behind someone who is authorized to be there. officers returned fire. luckily, no one was injured create >> of more city schools are heart of president obama's plan to improve goal safety. city schools are among the first 100 school districts to be examined by the department of homeland security, the secret service, and the fbi. five schools will be surveyed for security gaps. the findings will be part of a larger national report.
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service andet threat assessment center are able to give us the latest research on the type of incidents that we may encounter as well as the best responses and the best practices they have seen nationwide. >> dunbar high, lakeland lament three milk, gilmore elementary, and the national academy foundation are the schools that have been chosen for the survey. >> keep the shorts and flip- flops handy. 90 degrees at bwi marshall. it hit 92. the average is 85. we're back to summer. look at the record high. 105 on the 20th of august in 1983. the all-time hottest for baltimore. the record low for today is 49.
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90 at the airport. much more tolerable this summer. we have had 19 days at higher -- 90 or higher. we had recorded 42 days above the 90 degree mark and many of those were above 100. we are below that for this year. fewer than normal. we would have had 21 days of 90 degrees or higher. itis warm muggy at their but -- it is still typical summer weather. at 82.ry clean sweep on hd dopplerwarm a quiet evening other than some patchy fog after midnight. 72 downtown. sunset at 7:55 p.m. high pressure coming in from the west with unstable and warm air.
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upwers and storms lined along this front that has been there a week. the backside of the high-pressure system is seeing storms reg out in the ohio valley. it will give us that lift that is needed to trigger the thunderstorms. out anw cannot rule isolated late afternoon shower. less than a 20% chance for warm andot. it will be humid. better chancettle for a thunderstorm. concentratedbon of shower activity. that is the cold front so it keeps the threat of a shower into thursday and friday before it clears out. once that goes by, some nice weather returns for the weekend. little1 tomorrow and a -- a little on the human side. -- humid side.
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when set of the south and waves averaging one foot. high tide at 7:18 p.m. and 740 tomorrow evening. -- 7:18 a.m. and 7:40 p.m. tomorrow evening. some thunderstorms before it clears up for the weekend. on the eastern shore, warm and muggy. storms move in on thursday. we will see sunshine tomorrow and 83. the storms arrive thursday into midday friday. things look ready good at the each for the weekend. a slight risk of a storm and a better chance for thunderstorms thursday afternoon. chinese -- showers on friday and lots of sunshine for the weekend. wrecks last night had to be one of the painful losses of the year for the orioles.
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managed three runs last night in a single run defeat. night, to deep centerfield. justad of a lead, it was an r.b.i double. regaining the lead for good. leading 4-2. ending the inning, leaving 15 runners on base. they went 2-14 to drop the series over 4-3 to tampa bay. the orioles have no choice but to be resilient. >> you know me. i am going to be as positive as i could be. we're going to keep grinding.
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we are trying to make positives happen. >> they are not rebounded. they are not some computer-driven cyborg. i see their frustration. k's mlb announced a five game suspension and an undisclosed fine. for throwing alex rodriguez this past sunday. hamster can appeal. we are two days away from the third preseason game on the calendar. the carolina panthers are going to town. it is a big name not only for the regulars who plan on playing into the second half but with roster spots available, the rookie's have to make the most of it. time is running out to impress the coaches. >> it is a fine line. for making the team.
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all these battles go on, it is competition and guys are fighting for a spot on a team. sometimes you get to this point and it is really close. it is like a foot all game. one minute left. sometimes making the play at the end is different. it looks like we have some warm weather. tom has the seven-day forecast coming up. so i'm checking out the jetta. 34 hwy mpg. check.
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>> chris is back in the
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pool after a near-death experience. chris went to the bottom of the pool for 45 seconds. his teammates had to pull him out and do cpr. >> before this happened, had you ever heard about shallow water blackout? no. >> they do take up wrath in that floods their lungs create when the corner is examining them they appear to have drowned. it is only when you are aware of the circumstances that you're able to understand this was the cause. blackout is aer faint that happens underwater. there have been four local deaths. what happens to the brain during a blackout, and a local pediatrician's effort to get the
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>> did not seem like it was was very humid today. >> it was not as humid as it could be. we will change that tomorrow. watch the radar for the ravens because there will be some storms around thursday evening. friday get out of here and that opens the door to some nice weather. perfectly timed for the weekend. >> thanks for joining us. >> we will see you back here tonight at 11 p.m.
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